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Nenad M. Jovanovich

    Instructive examples from our mutual past teach both Russia and Serbia about things that need to be done in order for both countries to survive in a new century that has just begun. Although we always have to keep in mind the similarities between the two countries, however, there are also huge differences between the two States and it is necessary to realize to which extent they exist. However, apart from that, sometimes the resemblance among the difficulties and dangers, that could jeopardize the existence and remaining of these two countries, is quite astonishing.

    In our opinion, the main cause of this situation is the abandoning of traditional value systems from both Russians and Serbs, which subsequently led to national schizophrenia (both Soviet and Yugoslav). As a result, the national self-confidence fell down. Thanks to God, there are ways of getting out of this fatal spiral of death that is pulling both Russia and Serbia to the very bottom. It is crucially important that youth (which is to form trustworthy national elites in the future), above all, becomes conscious of the only way for its own salvation and revival. In that sense, our Holy Church, would play an important role together with the State, which could have a great influence especially through an appropriately structured system of education. Our mutual enemies are aware of this, and because of that, just after their demo(no)cratic proteges came to power in Serbia (5th October 2000.), our army and educational system were intensely targeted. A credible State, built on the basis of Orthodoxy, is obliged to defend, first of all, all these functions, and to make its residents aware of the importance that continuous spiritual growth and all other devotions in the Lord, actually have. All this would be done with the aim of serving the Community as best as possible. Because of that both Russia and Serbia, if they have any intentions of survival and remaining, need to subordinate their entire existence to the principles of theoduly and the stratocracy! Shortly, these principles could be also marked as: Love for the God and patriotism!

    As a valuable direction for the spiritual and national regeneration, we all should use the testament of Bishop Nikolaj of Zhicha and Ohrid, where he tells us that we all should “come back to God and to ourselves, if we do not want to be covered in a foreign ghastly darkness with a beautiful name and colourful clothes”! For Russia in particular this means the return to the salvaging traditional triad: “Orthodoxy, Autocracy, Nationality”. For any trustworthy Orthodox patriot this represents the unavoidable element in the process of recognition, which leads to a complete and (profound) eschatological understanding of the salvaging vertical: the Lord – the Ruler – the gentleman. In representing the Lord as the Host of the Universe; the anointed and Christophillic Ruler – as being the Host of the Fatherland and the Christian father of the family - the Host in its own home, the Orthodox witness that everything has to be “blessed and in order”, in the words of Saint Apostle Paul. The reflection and expression of such heavenly-earthly Order in both Russia and Serbia is represented through the Orthodox and organic Monarchy, which, since it is (among other things) deeply established on the stratocracy, is the only one capable of giving a good and worthy answer on the challenges to our security that lay ahead of us.

    Particularly valuable to the correct understanding of these principles is the testimony of the biggest expert of the Orthodox Monarchism among Serbian Archpriests and preacher of the Orthodox aristocratism, Bishop of Budim dr. Danilo (Krstich). Namely, Bishop Danilo, rest in peace, in 1990 in one of his letters to His Royal Highness Crown Prince Aleksandar Karadjordjevich, suggested to him to enrol his firstborn son, His Royal Highness Prince Petar, in the military or spiritual academy, even suggesting the names of the best such educational institutions in the world for the education of the future King of Serbia. From this, we can see that the anointed Ruler in the Orthodox State is seen as the principal Servant of the God Living and True and as the chief Soldier of his Fatherland! Russia and Serbia have a chance of survival only if they are established on these principles and with the power of the State that would be embodied in the personality of such State Ruler!

    But, before establishing such State Order, which has a blessing from the God, a number of different and difficult activities are needed for establishment to be accomplished. Namely, the same Bishop Danilo (Krstich) had once wisely noticed that: “King cannot returne if we do not return to the God. The base of the Royal Throne is honest Christian people” [1]. Looking at these more than wise words, we have to admit to ourselves that both Russians and Serbs cannot, with the calm soul, say that they are “honest Christian people”, despite the encouraging processes of spiritual revival after the collapse of communism! The proof of that is the flood of immorality and other different spiritual and social deviations, which are so obvious especially in Belgrade and Moscow (and in all other bigger urban communities, although the rural communities are catching up to them in a gallop!) and which are terribly weakening the nation’s immunity and deteriorating it in both spiritual and the sense of security… Such moral state of our peoples is, as already mentioned, in fact, the result of our two centuries long fall, and especially after the end of the World War One. Fruit that we now collect was foreseen long before the satanic plant, that brought it, was even planted. Did not, after all, even the famous Fyodor Mihailovich Dostoyevsky, burning with the prophetic flame, write: “It is necessary to bring a new thought, to say a certain new word that would have the strength to go to battle with the evil spirit of the ununity of the whole century, with anarchy, and with aimless revolutions. Keep in mind that this evil spirit carries a passionant faith in itself, and it does not only work with paralyses of denials and blaspheming of the most positive promises: it brings the society a new anti-Christian faith; it means new moral principles; it convinces that it is capable of re-structuring the world all over again, that it is able to make all people equal and happy, and with that, to forever complete the everlasting Babylonian tower by bringing its last, final stone. Among the followers of that faith, there are people with a high level of intelligence: in it also believe all the “little and unimportant” people, who live hard and with a burdon, and are tired of expecting the Christ’s empire…” [2]? As we can see, the great Dostoyevsky did not only establish the development of the fatal process of demolishing the Orthodox (even European) civilisation, but he also dirrected to: “a certain new thought” and “certain new word”, as the paths of coming out from the abyss in which we are aimlessly rushing to and are about to hit its bottom at a high speed. For him and for us, that perpetual new Word and perpetually new Thought is – the Logos. With hard work to get under His wing, we are able to achieve our personal reconstruction of mind and revival, and only through that are we able to achieve the reconstruction of mind and revival of our national Community. Only then, experiencelly enboding, right here on Earth, that our eternal Model, Whom Saint Iriney of Lion named: “Monarchy of the God the Father”, we are able to expect that the foundations of our national buildings, again, will not be suitable for the undermining of the flooding of the New Age and the tectonic trembling of the New World Order. The Holy Bible, which is inspired by the God, is the witness that this is not just the utopian obsession of the Orthodox “mystique” (in humiliating sense, of course). It states and has proven through millenniums that active resistance to the attack of the unholy one is possible only as long as the State is governed by the Christophillic and anointed Ruler as he is “the one who holds back” that satanic charge. Did not the Word of God say: “For the mystery of iniquity doth already work: only he who now letteth will let, until he be taken out of the way. And then shall the Wicked be revealed, whom the Lord shall consume with the spirit of his mouth, and shall destroy with the brightness of his coming” (2.Thessalonians 2, 7-8.)?

    Thanks to God, even today it is possible to efficiently and evangelically resist difficulties, which threaten to finally destroy us. In the case of the Serbs, it could even lead to the entire biological disappearance (because of the remaininig size and strength of the Russians, thanks to God, they are not in danger to that extent). The need for such resistance is imperative. Our Cross & Easter-like sufferings in: Krajina, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo and Metohija, as well as in Chechnya, Northern Osetia, Georgia and Ukraine, are just the examples of how important this sort of resistance is. The unfavourable events (for us) and open aspirations of the atlantistic hegemone, which aim to repeat the similar scenarios in Vojvodina, Raska and Montenegro, as well as in Belarus and the whole Kavkaz area, call for even bigger attention and vigilance.

    Any reasonable and patriotic Russian and Serb should, therefore, be satisfied with the visions and prophecies of our God-wise fathers, Saint Seraphim of Sarov and Saint John of Kronstadt, but the fact that our time has also brought some people that recognised Who is (and what is) out only Way of national liberation, is encouraging. We believe that the views of the wise elder, the oldest person of the Serbian Royal House of the Karadjordjevich, His Royal Highness Prince Aleksandar Pavlov Karadjordjevich, who is calling all these years to a catholic accoplishment and togethernes in Christ, as the only way to our recovery and certain victory, are not well known. Namely, he comprehensively understands the Testament of the Model of every Orthodox Ruler, the Saint Emperor Constantine (not without pride, we stress that he is our compatriot born in the city of Nish): In hoc signo vinces (In this Sign you will win). Also, he correctly understands the motto of the Royal House of Karadjordjevich: Prima spes mihi Deus (God is my first hope) and because of that he is able to say that: “In its development, a contemporary Serbian State relied much more on western practices, even used many of them, but it did not apply many of the things that Saint Sava bequeathed. How much the Serb had carelessly followed, in the past, entirely unreliable teachings such as the one of Karl Marx, and so easily ignored the truly Serbian, state-managing, wise, God-inspired sermon delivered by Saint Sava “About the true Faith”. However, I will tell you, that is not enough; if we think that Saint Sava is some secular thinker, philosopher, we are so wrong. Everything that he established is based on the love for the Lord Jesus Christ, on which he based the state, spiritual, in other words, social program. According to that, I think that we could achieve our desired goal, but only under the banner of Jesus Christ.” [3] Of course, the thoughts of His Royal Highness could be used, in full scale, in the Russian case. Eventually, the name of the Saint Sava could be replaced with the name of Saint Prince Vladimir or Saint Sergey of Radoniezh (because all three of them were introduced in the same experience of the Faith).

    Finally, as the essence of everything mentioned above and as the shortest “recipe” of bringing our two brotherly countries in the situation which will help them to resist the future attacks of the one whose name we shall not even mention and his servants, could be used the words of our brother Nebojsha M. Krstich, who died as a martyr and who was the most representative thinker of the thought of Serbian stratocracy. Substantialy seeing through how the Orthodox State should be structured in order to survive and remain in today’s geopolitical storm and to deserve the epithet of the Orthodox State, he said:

    “Therefore, neither parliamentarian nor constitutional, but catholican, because only in catholican Monarchy, the King is not parliamentarian puppet nor he is absolutistic tyrant, rather he is blessed from the God and is the anointed Host” [4].


[1] Bishop of Budim dr. Danilo (Krstich); “About the Orthodox Monarchy” – from the code: “Monarchy”; Christian thought, University educated Orthodox theologists, Foundation “Nikolaj Velimirovich and Justin Popovich” and the Chelandary foundation; Belgrade; 2002.; pdg.14. (in Serbian)

[2] Fyodor Mihailovich Dostoyevsky; “Political writtings” (Selected works book No.XXX); National enlightement; Belgrade; 1933.; pdg.18. (in Serbian)

[3] His Royal Highness Prince Aleksandar Pavlov Karadjordjevich; “All under the flag”; Civil cabinet of H.R.H. Prince Aleksandar Karadjordjevich; Belgrade; 2002.; pdg.25. (in Serbian)

[4] Nebojsha M. Krstich; interwiew “The Face and Fatherland”; magazine “Pogledi” No.149.; Kragujevac; 11.-25. March 1994.; pdg.39. (in Serbian)

Nenad M. Jovanovich

(Paper for the International Congess "Orthodoxy, Youth and the Future of Russia", Saint-Petersburg, 18. February (3. March)- 20. February (5. March) 2005.)

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