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    Declaratively, Christianity and Christian norms are dominating the world. However, if we scratch the surface of that “declarative Christianity”, we discover great emptiness, where Christianity is removed from Christianity. The West is promoting one Christian wrap inside of which is the antichristian essence of the contemporary world. The most powerful weapon in this promotion is the media which create mass culture. The media is creating what a mad “prophet” Nietzsche called “herd mentality”. In this article we are going to try to explain in what way Christianity is de-Christianised, how are TV, Hollywood and Internet used in this struggle, as well as which are wrong and which are right ways of fight against immorality and demoralisation.

    Compared with today’s metropolises (such as New York, London, Paris, and unfortunaly even Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Belgrade or Athens) Sodom and Gomorra seem as monasteries and their sinners, compared with our world, seem as monks. Today, the spirit of these metropolises reins every corner of the planet, and “prophets” of these “open societies” became the golden cows of the today’s youth.

    Entertainers, singers, stripers, actors, prostitutes and others, brainwashed themselves, are a tool for brainwashing of the youth, in a process of preparing us for the “brave new world”, doing all that and in the same time wearing crosses and crucifixions in a middle of their silicon breast, or even between their legs (a recent example from the Serbian enterteinment industry). Children, who come to this world clean, even thou desiring purity by their nature, are falling in that ditch and becoming a part of the “herd”, a statistical figure in the system of New World Order. Their guilty conscience is illusionary quieted with Christian iconography that they put on them selves.

    They are declarative Christians and essentially hedonists; because there is no ascetism in their “Christianity”, there is no self-control, modesty, obedience or chastity. Today’s youth had chosen the “Big Brother” and “bread”, in other words, satisfying of their bodily passions and it had renounce Christ and freedom. The whole world became Godless, became “demos” and for its new faith declared demonocracy.

    Their Christianity is essentially antichristianity, and it is not something hidden from them, but they do not have the eyes to see and the ears to hear. In the West, Christmas is not called “Christmas” any more, now it is called “Xmass”. That “X”, that some individuals believe represents the Christ (O TEMPORA, O MORES) is an international sign for something unknown. This is how they send a message that God exists, but we do not know Him. If He is unknown to us that must mean that He is not the God that we know through the Holy Gospels; that must be some other “god”. The next step is the arrival of the “Big Brother” who also exists, presents him self as almighty, and he is also unknown to us. Could he be the mystifying god “X?

    “The great inquisitor” changed his name into “Big Brother” and world accepted him, as the fore comer of the one that is yet to come, and who will be called the antichrist. The danger, on which our attention was brought by the words of Dostoyevsky, Huxley, Orvel, and many others, today became something that the “herd” is awaiting. Today, the “herd” is afraid of those who are warning him and it is them that the “herd” calls “old, regressive, conservative, dark and dangerous”. We are at the door step of the New World Order, and he is coming (primarily) through the media.

    Television, except the entertainers that we already mentioned, gives a good example of the coming times through the “reality show” (circus in reality) that is called the “Big Brother”. In this circus a group of depersonalised individuals represents the “herd” in which the whole world should transform. In the house that this “herd” is sharing, everything is collective, at the first place immorality. It is collective, because anything personal could associate on the personality. About the outside world the “herd” can know only what the “Big Brother” tells them. Time is spent in pointless “games” which are helping in “annihilating” the mind. (UNKNOWING IS POWER)*. Privacy does not exist because it is dangerous for the stability of the “herd”. The audience get bombed with ideas about immorality as a fun reality. Homosexuals, transvestites and prostitutes are always in the front plane as the patterns of acting, thinking and appearing that must be imitated one wants to be accepted by the “herd” (FREEDOM IS SLAVERY)*. They are served with idea of absent of privacy as goodness for public security, which is especially easy accepted at the time of “war on terror” (WAR IS PEACE)*.

    Hollywood, which, at least by the words of Marlon Brando, is controlled by the Jews, is blowing in the same whistle. Fifty years ago man was kneeling in front of a woman in Hollywood movies. The themes of the movies where bravery, heroism, humanism, and, above all, love. Love is pure, and only pure it can be. Love is not just moral, love is the moral. Today, in Hollywood movies there is no heroism or humanism, not to mention love, hence there is no moral either. Today, main themes are: sex, violence and drugs. The last moves of moral are being killed. God, as a condition of moral, is being “killed”.

    Mad prophet of nihilism, Friedrich Nietzsche, shouted: “God is dead, we killed him!” On that sentence is based the contemporary Hollywood production. The “Da Vinci Code” is announced as the biggest Hollywood hit for the 2006. The “Da Vinci Code” is a story that claims that God is allegedly a liar and immoral fraud, that died! We are not even surprised with the fact that the movie will come into the cinemas at the time of Easter holidays.

    The Internet already accomplished the process of globalisation. Every child can reach pornography, lecture of the satanists, videos of different monstrosities, or, in the end, the guide how to build and activate a bomb.

    Internet forums are killing the authorities and personalities. Millions of pseudonyms are uncontrollably fighting and discussing. Who did ever found or kept his calmness (spiritual peace) using these forums? The youth is thought, by using these forums, not to respect the other speaker and that there is no Truth, because in virtual reality there is “equality”. In that virtual reality a word of any clown is worth the same as the word of the priest. Every statement is questioned, regardless of the argumentation. When the “herd” starts to believe in that absurd nihilist claim that “there is no absolute truth” (than how this claim can be true?) it will also start to believe that there is no God, because He is “the Path, the Truth and the Life” (John 14,6.). When a nation does not believe in God, when it becomes Godless “demos”, in other words a “herd”, one can not expect morality from it.

    Media also created a profile of the “rebel without a cause”. The elders of the New World Order counted on the emergence of those who will not fit in the “herd mentality” and melt in the “melting pot”. They knew that those will come among the youth, so they have prepared a special “compartment” for them, in which those were, in a different way but with a same result, transformed into part of the “herd”. Their “rebellion” also comes down to nihilism, because “there is no cause” for it. The fighters against decadency of society became integrated into the existing consumer society by incorporation of their ideas (“iconography” of James Dean). In the end, their rebellion against the New World Order comes down to support to that order, because the strongest message they are sending is that “there is no cause” for the rebellion. Their hungry souls are running from non-belief to different kind of nihilism, and when they think that they managed to escape the “melting pot”, they do not realise that they are just in a middle of it, drowning their youth energy in immorality, drugs and alcoholism.

    Some Christians are saying that not only that there is “no cause” for the rebellion, but that rebellion does not make sense. Allegedly, there is no sense in fighting this order because “Heavenly kingdom came near” (Matthew 3,2.). That is true, it did came near, but Saint John the Baptist also calls for the repentance, he sais: “Repent, because Heavenly kingdom came near” (Matthew 3,2.). Repentance is also a mind-change, an end to the replication of the same sin. In the next verse he also says: “Prepare the Lord’s way, prepare His path” (Matthew 3,3.). Are we going to prepare them with immorality?

    Moral is important to us as fundament of any religious move, and only through moral we can earn our salvation. Moral matureness will not come from immoral youth. From immorality comes only slavery, slavery to passions and sins.

    To create a healthy society means to create a healthy family. The essence of a healthy organism is healthy cells, and the main cell of our societal organism is the family. When we renounce the ideas of the consumer society and take our attention to our family, we are forming healthy persons of tomorrow, hence also healthy, moral, society of tomorrow.

    Today, the struggle against immorality is not easier, but also is not any harder, than it was yesterday. Everything in the world can be used and abused, that includes the media. It is only moral to use them and immoral to abuse them, and that gives us a clear plan of fight against immorality. Only with our own morality.

    While antichristians are promoting immorality with their own example, Christians must testify morality with theirs. There are no neutrals in this fight. One is either moral or immoral, and hence either Christian or antichristian.

* Theses of the New World Order by the George Orvel’s novel “1984”.

Nemanja S. Mrdjenovich

(Paper for The Interregional Scientific and Practical Conference «Orthodoxy and Morality»; Saint Petersburg – Russia; 4.(17.) – 6.(19.) February 2006.)

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