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Adamantios Koukouves*


   As you all certainly know by now, Dr. Radovan Karadzic was arrested approximately two and a half months ago and, since then, has been extradited to the Hague kangaroo court by the pro-Western Serbian political establishment, making him the 44th Serb that has been extradited to the United Nations International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia (ICTY). He is charged with the following nonsensical allegations: genocide, complicity in genocide, crimes against humanity (extermination and murder), violation of the laws or customs of war (murder), and grave breach of the Geneva Conventions of 1949 (willful killing).

   Not only are the charges ludicrous but also hypocritical since both the United Nations and the Netherlands (where the ICTY is located) are themselves guilty of genocide, complicity in genocide, and crimes against humanity due to the fact that the United Nations (UN) and Netherlands are very actively and deeply involved in abortion -- which stands as the greatest human rights violation and crime against humanity -- as well as its promotion on a global scale. Even though the United Nations denies its role in promoting abortion, the fact remains that there is a multi-level support of abortion by the United Nations (e.g. by top-level UN officials, by UN bodies and agencies, through pro-abortion bias in UN reports, etc.); even the United Nation's Children's Fund (UNICEF), which is supposedly meant to save children's lives, has been exposed as being complicit in active involvement in abortion and "population control" by pro-life groups. The Netherlands not only has some of the most monstrously permissive abortion laws in the world but infanticide is secretly practiced by pediatricians, as well -- where it is overlooked by authorities who sympathize with the murderous "doctors" and the families who decide to murder their infants. In addition, the Dutch are infamous for the creation of an "abortion ship" that attempts to sail into the waters of other countries in order to subvert laws restricting the barbaric and anti-human practice of abortion. Finally, it must be mentioned that the United Nations dismissed a Yugoslav lawsuit request for NATO to be charged with genocide against Serbs because, at the time of the request, the United Nations had expelled Yugoslavia from the organization and, therefore, was not interested in hearing of genocide perpetrated against Serbs. This is not surprising given the fact that UN commanders gave orders to bomb Serbs in Bosnia. In short, the United Nations and the Netherlands-based Hague are, aside from innately prejudiced, completely illegitimate and have no right to judge anyone, let alone Orthodox Christian nationalist war heroes.

   I would be remiss if I failed to also add that the United Nations is an internationalistic organization that has successfully undermined national law in order to press forward with its globalization agenda. To cite but a single example, when Milosevic was kidnapped and brought to the ICTY, he argued that his human rights had been violated since he was being held in Serbia on domestic charges of corruption before being brought to the Hague. A spokesman for the Dutch foreign ministry replied that the jurisdiction of the ICTY supersedes Serbian national law and that the Dutch government had signed an agreement with the UN to this effect.

   Dr. Radovan Karadzic, instead of being regarded as a state enemy by the pro-Western puppet regime in Belgrade, should have been showered with medals, awards, and commendations by both military and civilian officials along with all other men who fought for the Serb nation. (A villa in the countryside would have also been appropriate for veterans or the families of those killed serving the national cause.) Instead, the traitorous politicians currently in control of Serbia, desiring to join the very institutions that had bombed and vilified them as "genocidal maniacs", chose to bow down to their Judeo-Western masters and, consequently, betrayed all of their war heroes. If it had not been for the outrage of Orthodox Christian nationalist Serbs, there is no question that the political establishment would have immediately hunted down every Serb war hero with demonic excitement. Unfortunately, Orthodox outrage (which, sadly, never materialized into full-blown revolution) only postponed and slowed the momentum of this vile hunt as the dark individuals behind it were hell-bent on destroying Serbs who symbolized resistance to Judeo-Western plans of globalization and represented the values of the Serbian nation: devotion to Orthodoxy and Fatherland.

   In the case of Dr. Radovan Karadzic, his arrest came shortly after the pro-Western camp of Boris Tadic, the Democratic Party-led "For a European Serbia" alliance, formed a post-election coalition with the Socialist Party of Serbia. Ironically, Tadic's Democratic Party was the same party that, with Western backing, helped bring down Milosevic's government, sent Milosevic to the Hague where he was murdered by the Dutch, and for years vilified Milosevic's Socialist Party of Serbia. Regarding the Democratic Party, it has long been regarded as a dangerous and traitorous proxy group. Even Milosevic (who was no nationalist) recognized this when, in his final speech just days before his overthrow, he said that "the president of the Democratic Party collaborated with the military alliance that attacked our country. He could not even hide his collaboration. In fact, our entire public knows that he appealed to NATO to bomb Serbia for as many weeks as necessary to break its resistance". The traitor in question Milosevic spoke of was Zoran Djindjic, who was later dealt with in a very permanent way.

   As for the particulars of his arrest, Dr. Radovan Karadzic was captured on the evening of Friday, 18 July and was detained illegally until Monday, 21 July when the puppet regime finally announced he had been arrested - though of course on 21 July instead of on the actual date so as to ensure that the illegal detainment of Dr. Radovan Karadzic could not be utilized as a legal cause for him being freed. Pro-Western puppet leaders welcomed the arrest with unrestrained enthusiasm - both in Serbia and in Hellas. In regards to the latter, this is despite the fact that Dr. Radovan Karadzic is a staunch philhellene who proposed a Serb-Hellenic confederation and who once stated the now-famous phrase, "The Serbs have only two friends, God and the Greeks". Indeed, the Hellenic people and Hellenic nation will always stand by our Serb brothers and by the Serbian nation regardless of the actions of the Hellenic state (currently occupied by pro-Western lackeys, exactly in the same fashion that the Serb state is currently controlled and occupied)**. Dora Bakoyannis (of the pro-Western, liberal New Democracy party currently in power) said that "This [arrest of Dr. Radovan Karadzic], in our view, is particularly positive. Greece, as you know, supports this course of Serbia with all its strength". George Papaconstantinou (a party spokesman of the pro-Western and nominally socialist Panhellenic Socialist Movement opposition party) said that, "The arrest of Karadzic constitutes an important step in Serbia's course towards the European Union and is a message of the will of Serbia's new government to advance in its European course".

   These latter comments from PASOK were especially perplexing since this was the same party that, when in power, systematically sabotaged NATO operations in Bosnia through the Hellenic National Intelligence Service by leaking NATO secrets to the Bosnian Serb nationalists and, indeed, to General Ratko Mladic himself; not only was the only EU member-state to completely back the Serbian position regarding Bosnia but also voted against NATO air strikes on Serbian positions and then refused to collaborate with NATO in any way whatsoever; never caused any problems for Greek volunteers seeking to join Bosnian Serbs in the fight against Bosnian Muslims (i.e. the same Hellenes who would help liberate Srebrenica), allowing liaison offices to be set up in Athens and Thessaloniki, and, furthermore, keeping in touch with volunteers through the National Intelligence Service; violated the UN embargo on Yugoslavia by sending food, oil, and arms to the Serbs; and, finally, in 1999 again fully refused to collaborate with NATO when it waged its war on the Serbs. Therefore, given these facts, it is insane that any Greek politician would welcome the arrest and extradition of Dr. Radovan Karadzic - especially one linked to the very political party that supported the Serbs so greatly***; if Dr. Radovan Karadzic is found guilty (which he, of course, will - assuming he lives long enough to see a verdict - since this is a court of pre-determined guilt and innocence) then the Greek political establishment will also, logically, have to be sent to the Hague. Of course, since the establishment does not symbolize resistance to Judeo-Western plans of globalization or represent the values of the Hellenic nation, there is no need for it to be punished in the minds of the same people persecuting Dr. Radovan Karadzic and other Serb heroes. The same logic has been applied to Croatian and Bosnian Muslim war criminals who, in the rare instances when they have been indicted by the ICTY, have been ultimately exculpated despite great evidence that proves they committed atrocities against Serbs. An example of such an individual is the Bosnian Muslim Naser Oric who was cleared of all charges despite the fact that he was responsible for destroying entire Serbian villages and torturing and murdering Serbs, among other things.

   As for claims regarding the fictitious "massacre of Srebrenica" and the alleged incident being an example of "genocide" by the Serbs against Bosnian Muslims, such allegations have been refuted by eyewitness accounts as well as by logic itself since, if there was indeed a systematic genocide by the Serbs planned by Dr. Radovan Karadzic and General Ratko Mladic, it does not make sense that the elderly, women, and children would have been spared in this so-called "massacre" since genocide perpetrators are not in the habit of sparing anyone, least of all the groups who perpetuate the continued existence of an ethnic group: women and children. In truth, Dr. Radovan Karadzic, as president of Republika Srpska, gave very strict orders prohibiting atrocities in order to prevent civilians from taking revenge against those who had previously committed heinous crimes against their families and people. After Bosnian Serb civilian fighters were rounded up and officially joined the newly formed Bosnian Serb army, General Ratko Mladic made sure that his troops would not stoop to the barbaric level of the Croatians and Bosnian Muslims. Speaking about General Ratko Mladic in an interview to a Dutch journalist in April of 1997, Dr. Radovan Karadzic stated that "[...] I am sure that he would personally ruin a soldier who was guilty of murder or rape. He is very disciplined and would never have allowed it". Kyriakos Katharios, himself a Hellenic volunteer who fought for the Bosnian Serb cause and even wrote a book about it titled "The Journey of a Volunteer" (which is available in both Hellenic and Serbian), stated in an interview with nationalist weekly "Eleftheros Kosmos" that, "As presented in the press, the 'Massacre of Srebrenica' is a lie". In the same interview he also stated, "I want to tell you something: There exists a systematic campaign of calumny against the Serbs in general". In truth, the Serbs were not perpetrators of genocide but victims of genocide. Another Greek volunteer, who was quoted in 1995, stated that there was "an anti-Serb and anti-Orthodox genocide in Bosnia" and that so-called UN peacekeepers were "playing a dirty role in favor of the Muslims". When Srebrenica was finally liberated, the Greeks and Serbs were photographed flying the Hellenic and Serbian flags in victory. Katharios himself was responsible for sending the photograph of the raising of the flags to the Greek press in the summer of 1995, stating that such an action would not have been committed had any war crimes taken place as it would be completely illogical for war criminals to expose themselves to the world in such a way. In regards to the Greek volunteers, he says that all those who claim war crimes took place "lie brazenly", that "no evidence against the Greeks" exists, and that "Not even the Muslim government has said the smallest thing about the allegedly criminal actions of Greeks. The people you speak of [i.e. those who have recently been trying to villify the noble Hellenic soldiers who fought in Bosnia] have created this story by themselves, for their own reasons". So if there is not a shred of evidence against the numerous Greeks who liberated Srebrenica, how can there be evidence against the Serbs who liberated Srebrenica?

   Srebrenica, rather than being a "safe-haven" for Bosnian Muslims as the West often claims, was actually a Muslim stronghold that was used by Bosnian Muslims to launch attacks against Serbian civilians. Dr. Radovan Karadzic, in the aforementioned interview, expressed these exact sentiments and remarked that, "During the last months of the enclave every day a Serb was killed by attacks. A total of 1,260 Serbs killed. The UN knows. The Dutch commander of the Dutch UN troops in Srebrenica knows". In fact, about 15 Dutch soldiers who were stationed in Srebrenica at the time have agreed to testify on behalf of - rather than against - Dr. Radovan Karadzic. Milivoje Ivanisevic, a member of his legal defense team, stated that, "They stressed that the Serbs did not commit war crimes against the Muslim civilians when they were passing through several dozen of their villages [in the Srebrenica municipality] that the Dutch soldiers were securing". He also added that "They said in Srebrenica at the time they had to protect themselves from the Muslims, rather than protect Muslims from the Serbs. The Serb army, according to them, was helping Muslim women and their children, bringing them food and water".

   Finally, as for Dr. Radovan Karadzic himself, he is reported to be in excellent mental health and spirits and, as a devout Orthodox Christian, has devoted his time to reading religious books, praying, and fasting. Indeed, all that he has requested is the Bible, books, and icons. However, the request for his icon of the Most Holy Theotokos is said to have been denied to him by his jailers because of the icon's glass encasement. While it is all but certain that Dr. Radovan Karadzic will be found guilty by the Hague tribunal, it is worth mentioning that when asked by his Dutch interviewer the question "Will they be able to arrest you?", Dr. Radovan Karadzic gave the following response: "Perhaps it would be better for the international community to kill me than to take me to trial in the Hague. Once I am there I will cause many more problems". Given the plethora of evidence on Dr. Karadzic's side, and the dearth of evidence on the side of the West, we have no question that he will, indeed, cause many problems for the Western imperialists. As such, the life of Radovan Karadzic is in danger and we call upon all Orthodox Christians to pray for him.

   May Dr. Radovan Karadzic one day be the leader of an Orthodox Christian Greek-Serbian Empire!

President Dr. Radovan Karadzic
with  Hellenic volunteers
after the liberation of Srebrenica

*Founder of Serbian-Hellenic Brotherhood: www.serbia-hellas.com

**Note: It bears mentioning that a group of Greek lawyers have offered their services to Dr. Radovan Karadzic free-of-charge. In the past, Greek lawyers have been very willing to defend Serbs (especially high-ranking individuals) charged with "war crimes" by the ICTY.

***Note: the PASOK government at the time took such pro-Serb positions as a direct result of the Helleno-Orthodox sentiments and activism of the people and, so, the true credit does not go with that purely opportunistic regime but, rather, to the Hellenic people.

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