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Mr. Adam S. Eterovich,
Founder of The Croatian Genealogical and Heraldic Society,
Editor of “The Croatian Heritage” web-site,
2527 San Carlos Ave.
San Carlos, California 94070 USA

           Mr. Eterovich,

           I have visited your web-page and I have found something that has puzzled me. Namely, I have seen that you have placed the arms of Radich Noble Petrovich at the first page of your Family Coat of Arms section.

           With all due respect, Mr. Eterovich, it seems that your data is much too inperfect (to say the least). I only say that regarding the fact that you have placed the arms of Petrovich at the Croatian Heritage Family Coat of Arms page. Well, that`s just funny, since those arms used to belong to Captain Radich Petrovich, who was an Austrian Knight (and he got those arms when Knighted), and one of the most important Karageorges Dukes. He was born in the Region of Levach (in Shumadija) in the village of Sviokovac! Furthermore, those arms were only his personal arms since Duke Radich had no offspring (even though he was married twice). It`s interesting that Duke Radich was even considered to be Karageorge`s addopted father!

         I have seen these arms many - many times in various literature, and have seen the Armorial Diploma "in the flesh" last year at the exibition on the First Serbian Uprising (held in the gallery of The Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts  in Belgrade). If you wish, you can see the photo of that Armorial Diploma in the book written by Mr. Nenad Nikolich and Dipl.Ing.Arch. Dragomir Acovich (the Principal Herald of the House of H.R.H. Crown Prince Aleksandar Karageorgevich, and the President of the Serbian Heraldry Society “The White Eagle”): “The Serbian Crown – A Symbol of State and Church”; Teos; Belgrade; page 53.

         So, Duke and Knight Radich Noble Petrovich was as Serbian as it gets, and his arms are still placed at the Croatian Heritage page..? Or you suppose that Shumadija qualifies as a part of Croatian heritage? It`s very simillar with the case of you claiming that the Kosacha family was Croatian, even though their title was Herzog of Saint Sava! Or was Saint Sava Croatian too? I wonder how many other Serbian Noble families and arms you have inlisted as "Croatian" heritage!? 

           It raises a question of validity of your other data, doesn`t it?


The coat of arms of Duke and Knight Radich Noble Petrovich

On the Day of St. Great-Martyr Marina,
17. (30.) July 2005.

Center for Research
Of Orthodox Monarchism

Nenad M. Jovanovich
(Managing Director)

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