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    As a collection of good customs that are the main condition for healthy and peaceful life of an individual and community, moral is most likely the most reliable indicator of the strength of the Nation at the certain time. The experiences from the past are clearly stating that a certain Nation can grow and rise only when his sons are proud with their courageousness and compassion, and his mothers and daughters with sacrifice and chastity, when nobody is afraid of efforts and self-control. On the other hand, the condition of a Nation is deteriorating in all fields when that Nation turns its back on the above mentioned virtues. That is why it is clearly understandable to every true nationalist that the struggle for preserving the peoples moral and aspirations toward moral revival are more important than struggle for preserving the national wealth and territories. The moral capital is the only capital that must not be spoilt under any conditions if there is a longing for a proper fundament of people-state home. This is very well known truth even to the creators of the god-fighting New World Order. They are very aware that morality is an obstacle for the development of the consumer society cut out in the atlanto-mondialistic mold. That is why they are investing vast amounts in the fight against the last fringes of the old Christian moral that was a spiritual, and in some way even physical, protection of our ancestors from the devastating alien spiritual impacts. The modern spiritual intoxication, which is aiming for even worse moral destruction, sees it’s prime objective in the youth, because it is the indoctrinated youth that is the best investment for the future for the Western power centres and the final development of their plans. We have mentioned the “fringes of moral” because we are considering the fact that only some elements of moral have survived the spiritual terror of God-fighting ideologies with whom the Orthodox (at least in a traditional sense) peoples were (and unfortunaly still are) infected.

    Communism, as well as democracy, as the “frightening darkness of the alians with pleasant names and colourful clothes” and “devil’s inventions” (as Saint Nikolay of Serbia called these ideologies) had the effect of a virus in the people organism of the Slavic nations, with the goal of destruction of all creative powers of a certain nation. With that goal did Lenyin and other zionist occupators of the Orthodox Russia brainwashed the Russian people. That is, the part that was not sentenced to physical death. However, communism in Russian lands did not finished the job because Russian people’s material has shown as exceptionally strong and cohesive, so the Soviet oligarchs had to make compromises and partially adapt to the people’s organic integrity, that has saved some elements of moral, in an effort to preserve and maintain the occupation.

    That is why the value system in the USSR, since the 1930s onwards, seemed fairly conservative in compare with the value system and explosion of immorality in the last decade of the XX century that came with a democratic transformation. However, communism goes on with the annihilation of the Russian spiritual and cultural originality (which started with the reforms of Peter I), and separation of the Russian youth from the Orthodox faith and authentic national culture. The same scenario happened with other Orthodox peoples that were infected with the virus of communism. That’s how communism, with its destructive methods, created a path for even worst digression of the youth moral, which came later. The communist combat against faith and national identity produced a vacuum that was later on packed with contemporary western cultural and spiritual junk. That junk is an unavoidable expression of the spiritual order of modern liberal democracy, capitalism and globalism. One of the factors that contributed to the present condition is a fact that youth has a natural desire for cultural and spiritual values, and we must not forget that the contemporary western culture, with its “colourful clothes”, is very tempting for a fallen human nature, especially to the youth. Good example of this is the case of the youth in communist Yugoslavia, which, in a middle of spiritual and cultural wasteland (that communism creates) gladly adopted western subcultural models, which were, because of the specific Yugoslavian-communist circumstances, tolerated by the regime even though they came from the capitalist west.

    On the other hand, even though democracy, with its soulless capitalistic culture, generate an antichristian and immoral atmosphere, it does not persecute faith directly (at least not in all of its expressions) and leaves at least some space for spiritual, which includes moral, revival. Orthodox faith is the best guardian of moral, so the issue of morality is profoundly connected with the issue of exampling an Orthodox life.

    We have already pointed out the organic interrelation of culture and moral. We can see that contemporary value system and moral degradation have their expressions in a contemporary western culture, which again have a stimulative effect on immorality because it encourages: materialism, individualism, egoism, irresponsibility, laziness, cowardice, passions, creation of the cult of entertainment and other elements of ill consumer and open society. That is where from we can draw a conclusion that spiritual and moral revivals have to have their cultural expressions. That part of the youth, which in the time of current desperation finds its meaning of life in the Orthodox Faith and copying its Holy and glorious ancestors, should be offered with a appropriate alternative in the authentic national culture, attuned with Orthodox morality. Such culture already exists, and we should not only cherish it but also constantly upgrade it (on the existing fundaments) and make it most available (it should be noted that in the last years there are some movements in this way which is very appreciated), and by doing so adapting to the technical circumstances of the era, which must not be necessarily negative, should be clearly differenced from adapting to the spirit of the time, which surely is negative in a contemporary circumstances. In that manner it will be obtainable to the Orthodox youth to feel for it self the esthetical and ethical superiority of an authentic Orthodox and national culture over the contemporary western subcultural, immoral and monotonous junk. But that sort of awareness can only come through the mind change that makes one able to see with the spiritual eyes, that is to see deeper from the surface and impulsively nice and colourful clothes, which in reality is junk, and that reality can be seen only when one is looking from the correct point of view.

    In the conclusion, spiritual and moral revival of the youth of the Orthodox peoples is directly connected with the issue of self-importance which is composed of awareness of man’s Godlike nature, as a fundament of human identity, and awareness of authentic characteristics in the national character of certain peoples. There is no better example than from the Evangelic massages and life examples of Holy and great men from the past of the Orthodox nations, and men same as people, are able to stay (or become again) self-important, only if they fully understand their nature and their essence. If they are not contradicting their God-given nature, they are developing the completeness and harmony of their personality. All elements of the life of a Nation (culture among them) are then placed in a harmony, and in that condition of lack of contradiction, it is easiest to hear the voice of conscience. When there are no self-delusions within, moral state of personality reaches the intended level.

    Except being a condition for a healthy society, high level of moral is even more important in the prospect of the “first field of the Lord”, that is in the prospect of aiming toward personal salvation, because chestity represents an important and necessary element of the authentic Church life of every individual. And every genuine struggle for moral revival of the national community is fruitful expression of love for your fellow man. That is why working for compensation in Heaven is a prime goal and meaning of such work.

Marko B. Dimitrijevich

(Paper for The Interregional Scientific and Practical Conference «Orthodoxy and Morality»; Saint Petersburg – Russia; 4.(17.) – 6.(19.) February 2006.)

/Translated from Serbian by Nemanja S. Mrdjenovich/

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