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    The aim of the system of education is not just to inform the new generations about the facts from different fields, but to create intellectual, spiritual and moral elite of the society. This system should take on the active role in education of the children and pupils, to become one of the key factors in the creation of the value system. In this process, the significance of ethics is, without a doubt, of a great importance.

    The role of the family is essential for forming a personality and one’s comprehension of life. The institution of family can have an impact like nothing else, but here we will take our attention to the education system as a main theme of this article.

    Children should be thought about moral since kindergarten. For us, as Orthodox peoples (both Serbs and Russians) Christian ethics are conditio sine qua non of good and correct education and bringing up of the youth.

    What does this mean in practice? The teacher cannot talk about philosophy or complicated ethical issues to the youngest students. However, surely he can teach them to help, respect and love each other and to avoid violence and similar bad things.

    In the rest of the education catechism classes are becoming very important part of it. In these classes, depending of the age of the students, they can be thought about virtues (αρητη) аs to construct their views and value system. In the high school students should be thought about universal moral values, signifying the Christianity and Orthodoxy, as well as positive ideas from other religions and philosophies. If thought in this manner, the youth will become more open toward others and toward diversity, in the same time preserving and strengthening their own Christian identity. Without a doubt this is a momentous knowledge that one gets from philosophy and sociology.

    During the education process, children and students must be constantly presented with clear differentiations between good and evil, that is between virtue and sin. It must be signified why is it bad to kill, to steal, or do anything else comparable. Lack of this kind of information can confuse one, and without real knowledge about good and evil, children can be thought wrongly, as the were under communism.     Other important school subjects are history, which can impact one’s ethical value system by presenting the examples from the past, which are showing us the positive and negative characteristics.

    Literature is maybe even more important. In literature, beside the examples of virtues and sins, there are also numerous moral dilemmas that one can have, which can be studied by the pupils and use them to draw their own conclusions.

    Art can surely develop moral and other qualities of students by directing their creativity toward positive, toward God and ultimate Virtue.

    Of course, we must not underestimate the importance of modern sciences and technology in the modern era that we live in. Issues of interpersonal relationships, cloning, medical and other problems must have clear answers from the Church and system of education. It is almost compulsory, if I can say so, that the scientists in those fields have Christian ethical system, as they could use the results of their researches, same as other scientists, for the general benefit of the Church and Fatherland.

    Even though, moral education can be connected with almost every subject, it is crucial that the fundaments of the ethical system are builded in the earliest childhood, because latter on the supposed mistakes that were made in the childhood, are very hard to correct.

    I have left the role of the University for the End. Without a doubt it is the University that creates the elite of the society. However, Serbian Universities have been a haven of numerous digressive left-wing, antieuropean, antichristian and antiethical ideas (Marxism with all of its side effects: communism, social-democracy, etc.). Beside these, today are also very noticeable and very active the advocates of the New World Order and New Age. That is the most horrifying consequence of the communist and Miloshevich reign.

    This is also the best example of the claim that education is the most important in the earliest childhood. As it comes out, all the advocates of those digressive and dark ideas were educated in the communist system of pseudo-values.

    Later on, that becomes an irreversible process that can lead the whole society into moral and spiritual annihilation, from which it is necessary to save our Nations.

Prof. Boris S. Stojkovski

(Paper for The Interregional Scientific and Practical Conference «Orthodoxy and Morality»; Saint Petersburg – Russia; 4.(17.) – 6.(19.) February 2006.)

/Translated from Serbian by Nemanja S. Mrdjenovich/

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